What About the Food at Grandma’s House?

meatballs and gravy -- staples of Italian-American cooking

meatballs and gravy — staples of Italian-American cooking

New Year’s Eve marked the end of the Christmas season for Italian-American families in the 1960s. Christmas was a time of constant eating as you visited one relative after another, each of whom put out massive feasts to welcome you to their homes.

New Year’s Eve was perhaps the biggest feast of all because it was not unusual to have several meals over the course of the party, the first before midnight, a second after midnight and a third in the wee hours of the morning. Food was more than sustenance, it was the almost sacred element to bind the family together. No matter how many fights broke out over the course of an evening, everyone came together around the food.

Trays of stuffed shells, typical Italian party dish

Trays of stuffed shells, typical Italian party dish

Those days seem so long ago now, I sometimes wonder if I imagined them. So few people are left in my family now who remember them. So I have tried to capture that magic again in New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House. You’ll hear all about Italian dishes that were common during the holiday season.

We wish we could serve you some of those dishes in the theater but of course that’s not possible. But you can try some after the show at Dave’s Italian Kitchen, a long-time Evanston establishment that I personally recruited as a sponsor because I have loved the food there for more than 35 years. Dave, there really is a Dave, continues to make Italian food the way I remember it as a kid growing up in Brooklyn. And he’s added new dishes to keep up with the times as well.

Click here to see his ad on our sponsor page and click through there to see his menu and Website. Dave’s is only a few minutes from the theater in downtown Evanston, well worth a stop after the show or anytime you want real Southern Italian cooking.

And if you’d like to hear more about Italians and the family bond that food brings, check out this video I found on YouTube. This person is not affiliate with the show in any way but he is definitely a kindred spirit:



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