Who Will You Meet at Grandma’s House? Meet Faye and Sal

New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House is the story of a family and a time long since past. But within the story are elements familiar to everyone who has ever sat around a dinner table with their extended family.

At its core, it’s the story about people who love each other, sometimes bug each other, yet are there for each other in tough times and in good.

This is the first is a series of character profiles to help you know the Smaldone family a little better.

Faye is the second youngest of eight children in the family and spent years as the baby, years she doesn’t want to forget even though she has a younger sister now, Juliana. She and Sal met in 1948, after he had spent five years in the Pacific during World War II, an experience that has left him a changed man.

A portion of the cast of New Year's Eve..., rehearsing for its April 13 performances.

The cast of New Year’s Eve…, rehearsing for its April 13 performances.

She brought light back into his world and so he is devoted to her. She in turn loves him passionately because he is a kind and gentle man who can live with her foibles which sometimes drive her brothers and sisters a bit batty.

They have one son who is at the center of one of the major story lines of the play. Although never seen on stage, he could be considered a major character in the play as well.

We hope you’ll come see the show April 13 at either 6 p.m or 8 p.m to find out how.

For ticket information, simply write lvl1971@yahoo.com


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